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Undiscovered & Brilliant : May 2016

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‘Undiscovered & Brilliant’ is a playlist devoted to the purpose of bringing to light the greatest songs in the music scene that, unfortunately, don’t have the recognizance they deserve by the moment. A playlist full of small music gems involving different genres as folk, pop, electro or rock, performed by a variety of independent bands and artists fighting to approach to your ears with full high quality projects.

We search for an open, unprejudiced view to keep this playlist updated monthly with new music and so, approach the most insatiable music geeks a brilliant catalogue of songs, being the first ones to highlight their work in the streaming world. We will dive deep in the huge music catalogue daily, trying to catch music candies like these 100 songs. We are trying to make a statement here: this playlist pictures the importance of non-conformism and musical curiosity. It is not better because everyone is listening, promoting or talking about it. Music is broad, full of nuances and often beautiful. The full work of an independent curator is knowing how to approach everyday a thrilling selection of songs like these, brilliant and undiscovered.

Here you have some of the songs you’ll find in this playlist =)

1. The DuBarrys – Catch The Rider

2. Further Away – Images

3. Innerspace Orchestra – One Way Glass

4. Marsicans – Swimming

5. The Royal Engineers – Hey Sister

6. Sexy Bicycle – Sheyla

7. Thea Stapnes – Follow The River


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