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URSA MAJOR, the Voice of a Constellation

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From Toronto to the world, Ursa Major is a creative music project aiming to make you feel a unique experience. Complex and deep thoughts expressed through ‘Psychedellic RnB’ innovating music formula. The world needs an Ursa Major shining to show how brilliant can be the music universe.

You classify your music as ‘Psychedelic R&B’. Certainly, it’s really difficult to find a music genre where we can include your music, and this is awesome. Are you the producer and/or composer of your songs?

Ursa Major is an attempt to intersect the worlds of Psychedelic Rock and RnB by combining live instrumentation, digital production (hip-hop/RnB style percussion), and the detailed lyricism that one could pick out in a folk/psychedelic rock song. I write, compose, sing all my tracks and work with many different producers and engineers to bring them to life. Ursa Major is both me as an individual artist and a family/team of many different creative minds all working to create a unique experience.

‘Dusk’ was the first song you released on Spotify. It’s pretty different than the other ones we can listen in your EP ‘Lo­Fi Sky’. Maybe ‘Dusk’ is darker and with a Hip­-Hop basis less evident in your other songs. Which of your released songs is closer to Ursa Major’s music identity?

In Dusk, there is a strong emotional contrast between the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. The verses contain, booming bass, distorted drums sounds and soulful, in your face vocals. The pre-chorus and chorus contain calming flutes, and melodic piano. This was done to capture the complex nature of the human psyche as it combines dark, light, positive, negative, intrusive, and lonely elements throughout. I think that each song is a different aspect of my emotion. I make music that I would want to hear and work as hard as I can to capture the way I am feeling in my songs.

Lo­Fi Sky’ is an exquisite chill song we have included in our ‘Just Relax’ playlist. What’s the background of this song?

Thanks! IndieMono is a great tool for independent artists like myself and I really appreciate you including my track in your playlist. Lo-fi Sky is a ballad that reflects on humans relationship with nature, the relaxing pianos and atmosphere that can be heard were the genius of Montréal based producer James Campbell.

Which bands / artists are your greatest music influences? Do you have some referent in the ‘Psychedelic R&B’ area?

To give you an understanding of my listening background, some of my favorite artists are Parliament Funkadelic, King Crimson, Fleet Foxes, J Dilla, FKA twigs, James Blake, JMSN, Blood Orange, and N.E.R.D. Lyrically, i’m inspired by the likes ofFleet Foxes, Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel, and Neil Young. I want to veer towards a much more obscure, descriptive, almost picaresque style in terms of lyrical content.

In terms of production and instrumentation, my main influences are FKA twigs, J Dilla, RZA, and Jamie xx. Psychedelic music is the backbone of my musical repertoire as bands like The Grateful Dead, The Byrds, and Pink Floyd made me want to become a musician in the first place.

What can we expect from Ursa Major in the near future? Maybe your debut album?

I’m in the studio working on new material every single day and hope to have something out in the next few months. I’m still finding myself as an artist and don’t want to release anything until I have something really special.

Here at indiemono we love independent music and we’re always looking for new great bands and artists. Can you recommend a few new bands you have recently discovered to us? Which music projects are under the Ursa Major’s radar?

I decided to make a playlist that highlights all of my favorite artists (independent or not) from my city, Toronto. Toronto is experiencing a cultural renaissance as many incredible musicians, artists, and creative minds have made it their home and canvas, lots of exciting things are going on. Right now, a few artists that I have been constantly listening to from Toronto are Daniel Caesar, River Tiber, Allan Rayman, and dvsn. I think each of these artists bring a fresh perspective and unique sound to their genre and have each made a strong impact on the city’s music scene.

Here you have some of the songs you’ll find in this playlist =)

1. The DuBarrys – Catch The Rider

2. Further Away – Images

3. Innerspace Orchestra – One Way Glass

4. Marsicans – Swimming

5. The Royal Engineers – Hey Sister

6. Sexy Bicycle – Sheyla

7. Thea Stapnes – Follow The River



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